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something pink…just for a change!! hehe

July 27, 2010

Woot woo!!!! I am on a run today catching up on all my posts!!! I am probably boring you all though with the amount of pinkness happening, but you know me, I am drawn to the colour like a bee to honey!! LOL !! This is another one of my no-stamping cards. The only ink used was a bit smudged lightly around the edges of the cardstock. I used various circle punches to get this effect with some pretty shiny paper given to me by a friend recently. I added some bling here and there with the rhinestones, some pink and some clear, some white half pearls add a touch of decadence, some tiny tiny butterflies, some pink ribbon and I dove into my flower box and came up with these gorgeous little stems of snowdrop flowers and buds to finish it off. Thanks for dropping by…xx

for an angel…

July 27, 2010


I really love the softness of the roses from A Rose is a Rose stamp set of Stampin’ Ups, it’s just so sweet. I have layered the pink glittered roses and green leaves upon white cardstock that has been embossed with a  swirly theme and then I have glued little clear rhinestones at the tips of each swirl to keep the bling thing going. I used a deeper pink glittered paper with the butterfly punch from Stampin’ Up, one of my favourite punches. The ribbon and the pink ‘Angel’ tile are from my stash of goodies accumulated over the years!! Thanks for dropping by…xx

a date with Dora…

July 27, 2010

 The day Dora came to town started out as a pretty yukky type of day, it was wintery cool and Akiah was feeling very miserable with a head cold. Even though Akiah, aka Lily, and I had very little sleep for her sleep-ova that previous night, (she had a high fever and shocking cough), we had ourselves a date with Dora and Boots and all their friends, including that hilarious Swiper, and no cold wind or yukky headcold was going to stop us from our 1.30 appointment at the theatre. Lots of little girls and boys some dressed up in costume were so excited they couldn’t wait to see Dora and little voices seem to echo all over the foyer. When it started and the curtain pulled back and the music began there were loud cheers.  Those little kids were so cute, and when that naughty Swiper sneakily poked his head out, they yelled and screamed “Swiper!! No swiping!!” To which he replied his infamous “Oh mannn!!” The kids laughed and giggled, it was gorgeous. At the end millions of bubbles blew all over us and the little ones squealed with delight as they tried to catch them, boy it was so much fun!!

I love my grandkids dearly and being able to be a part of their world is an extraordinary, wonderful blessing. Being able to spend one-on-one time with each one is stuff that memories are made from. Thank you Lily for asking me to go with you that day, I loved every bit of it, just like I love every bit of you!! When we got home to Granny’s and Papa’s place she climbed up into our big comfy bed, tired and still feeling quite unwell, but she had nice things to dream about…Dora..Boots..Swiper..Map..Backpack, and her date with her Granny!

birthday wishes for Iris…

July 26, 2010

hi all, this is just a very quick post tonight as I am on Granny duty and Miss Xanthi-Anne is having a sleep over. We always have heaps of quiet fun at bedtime. We read stories and sing songs…and eat kit-kats under the sheets (so Papa doesn’t see us cos he would eat them!!) She is such a fun kid and I love our sleep over moments, I hope she remembers them when she is a Granny herself!!

This pretty card is for Iris, who is celebrating her birthday today, hope you have had a beautiful day celebrating. There is a mixture of product used, but the main flowers are from the stamp set Heartfelt Thanks from Stampin’ Up. I loved how it turned out and as usual the photo does not do it much justice, it is very pretty in real life.

Have a good night, I am off to read stories. Nie night and sweet dreams. xx

Kid’s Art Gallery…

July 21, 2010

I just happened to look over at the ‘Kid’s Art Gallery’ (the two white doors on my craft room cupboard) one afternoon and was blown away with the beautiful and colourful images that were before me. Each piece of creation blended so well with the one beside it, but jumping out at me at the same time, (if that makes sense!!) Children’s art is like a journey through their imagination. They aren’t so bothered if they make a mistake, they just make the mistake work as a positive and fit it in or they ignore it, and say “oh well, never mind, it doesn’t matter” and work around it. I love that…their innocence makes my heart sing!! 

Live, Laugh & Love…

July 21, 2010

This is a quick card I made with a lady who was keen to have a play one day, b-u-t when I say quick…between laughing and sharing our worlds with each other, we played for nearly four hours, didn’t even stop for lunch!! It was a fun time, and we really enjoyed it.

All products are Stampin’ Up

July 21, 2010

Hello everyone, first of all I must apologise for not having had my act together for a long time to do a post…I’m sorry! I have been making cards every now and then but have not found the time to put them up here. This is one I made last month for the celebration of the birth of little Mikah. He is the first grandchild for my hubby’s sister, Kaye, and she has chosen to join the ‘Granny Club’ with me, it’s such a lovely club to be part of and it is one of the most beautiful words spoken from the lips of our children’s children…