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…congratulations on your engagement Adrian and Caree (and Xanthi!!) Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. -oliver wendell holmes.

February 1, 2009


These are my 4 children!! There is a running joke about Timothy (the good looking guy at the back), Melissa (the blonde) and Prue (in the blue top) being Caree’s (in the pink floral black dress) bridesmaids when she marries Adrian. They are not having a wedding party on their big day preferring to keep it sweet, and simply just about the 3 of them. Xanthi and Caree are going to walk up the aisle hand in hand, together and then Xanth will give her mummy’s hand to Adrian…I think I will cry when I see that. Then as the ceremony finishes the 3 of them will walk back down the aisle a family. But anyway Caree has to get to the end of the alter without these ‘bridesmaids’, they are threatening to just come out of the congregation and join her as she walks up the aisle!!!! This joke has been on going since Caree and Adrian announced their engagement. Last night everyone laughed when the 3 of them walked into the party adorned in bridesmaid sashes and a bouquet in their hands…and Caree should not have been surprised. She should have known that they would do something silly! My 4 children are very, very close and share a unique bond, of joy and respect and love and understanding of each other, of which Graham and I are very proud. Sometimes when it’s just the 4 of them left sitting at the dinner table,chatting and laughing, I am sure my heart skips a beat listening to the banter of these wonderful 4 children that I have watched grow into the most beautiful 4 young adults. They share a precious friendship!!


Little Xanthi-Anne was so tired she could hardly smile at the end of the night. She found a quiet place on my lap and about 2 minutes after this pic was taken she was sound asleep. Xanth insisted all along that it was her party too and her mummy, Caree ,and Adrian presented her with a beautiful silver butterfly necklace so she had some new ‘bling’ to wear too. That was really sweet…engagement-party-caree-and-adrian-31-jan-09-023

 …this is Adrian and Caree sharing a hug! Don’t they make a cute couple? Caree hand made all the guests’ invitations using Stampin’ Up stamps (Always) and inks and card stock. They organised a wonderful party to celebrate their commitment to each other and to Xanthi (Caree’s little girl) surrounded by their family and many friends. Caree did an amazing job of catering a hot dinner buffet for their 100 or so guests. I was so proud of her, that was a lot of preparation and cooking!!! …and the result –YUMMY!! Adrian did an an awesome job at setting up for the night, he set up 11 hours of their favourite music and he did a great slide-show for everyone to watch at their leisure throughout the night. Not to forget Xanthi, she helped with the streamers and the pretty balloons. It was a night of celebration to remember.Adrian and Caree

…thanks for dropping by,

Sally x

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