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remembering my sister Deb 08/05/60 – 17/02/09

March 5, 2009

Just before my younger sister (Deb is only 14 months younger)passed away she asked me if I would ‘do something’ with this simple little quote. It reads…‘Positive thinking is a key which unlocks the secret of a happy and fulfilling life’. As her short life was nearing the end she was still thinking about the future. I managed to get this made for her and gave it to her just 4 days before she passed, she smiled and told me she loved it, and asked me to put it on her bedside table where she could always see it. Sadly as that day progressed she deteriorated quickly and by nightfall she didn’t even know who I was or what the quote meant. I had made a promise to her just before Christmas, that if it could be done, she would die at home in her own bed. So we got stuff organised, she had oxygen and morphine on board continuously, palliative care came twice a day, and so with my promise in her heart she was able to go peacefully to the place with no pain. Deb loooved teddy bears and had quite a collection, so the teddy from Stampin’ Up’s Favourite Teddy Bear was certainly the only stamp set I could use. I used the kindy glitz to give the bear the effect of having fur, by using more than I would normally to just ‘bling’ something up. You can see the effect better in the bottom photo. Unfortunately it is a retired stamp set, but he is  just too cute to never use again? I love you Deb!


this is Deb (with the black hair...wig) and me this last Christmas Day.

this is Deb (with the black hair...wig) and me this last Christmas Day.


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