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to thine own self be kind….

March 25, 2009


I really struggled with this card, just couldn’t pull it together for a while. This is the ONE card I made with Kirsty on Sunday afternoon while she made nearly THREE!!! We had a great afternoon laughing and creating in the new pink room, of which now is known by another name. My youngest granddaughter Akiah (aka Lily Pilly) has renamed the room to ‘The Granny Room’!! How cute is that? She talks non stop…even in her sleep she sometimes mumbles a few words, and she has an answer and a reason for everything!! So its officially named The  Granny Room…I love it’s new name, and I love the one who named it more!!! Speaking of whom, I had better get a few jobs done before she arrives out here today. I am on baby sitting duty today for Lily and Xanth.  Xanth is having a sleep over tonight and tomorrow we are off the the Gold Coast to build sand castles right right right up to the sky and eat fish and chips on the beach! Sounds like fun hey…I love the beach…I am sure I hear it call my name!! lol

                 ~….:-:….to thine own self be kind….:-:….~

                                                                                               You all enjoy your day, keep smiling, Sally x

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  1. March 26, 2009 4:11 am

    I love this stamp set.. It was one of my favorites..Great layout! I have one of those talkers too.. My 4 year old Elvis.. He is 24/7 talking including in his sleep.. We always say he makes up for my other son who is 7 and Autistic, he’s non verbal… Which is a good way to look at

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