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picking flowers for pretty fairy dresses…

May 27, 2009

fairy flower dresses 009fairy flower dresses 011

fairy flower dresses 007This afternoon I had a little surprise visit from Miss Xanthi!! She is so adorable that kid!! Two cows had just given birth and the calves were only about 10 minutes old when we went out into the garden to look over the fence to check one of them out and coo over how cute it was. New born calves are adorable, Xanth giggled and giggled when this one tried to stand up for the first time on it’s spindly legs and couldn’t do it and so toppled back down on the ground quite awkwardly. So then I asked Xanth what else she wanted to do outside and she told me that we had to gather petals and flowers for the fairies to make dresses for their parties! How cute is that?? So that is what we did, and even though the flowers are a bit scarce at the moment in my garden we picked some beautifully coloured flowers, we even found some blue forget-me-nots and she got really excited about them “cos they can make very pretty hats you know, with those ones, remember Granny, they really really can” and of course I had to ask how she knew that and she just shrugged her shoulders and said “I just know it, that’s all”. So we took our fairy dress supplies and put them in the fairy garden for the fairies to come tonight to collect. Oh… and so they can find their way to our gift, Xanthi sprinkled ‘fairy dust’ over it and some around the garden and on the nearby grass, so when the moon and the stars shine on it,  the beautiful fairies will see the sparkles when they are flying around tonight and they will know exactly where to go. Then  Xanthi explained to me, in pretty good detail, that the fairies might have to cut some of the flowers and ‘glue’ them back together so they fit the fairies, especially the babies, “but that’s ok, they can do that hey Granny? Because not all the fairies are the same you know Granny. Did you knowed that some are all growned up and some are still babies Granny? I knowed it! mmmm (nodding her head reassuringly)!! I really really did you know, I did know that, I’m not making it up, some are babies until they grow up and be the mummy ones!” I felt my heart light up!

Love you my Dancee Pants, to the moon and back, and twice around the stars!! XX

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