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ribbons and buttons and beads that sparkle…

June 1, 2009
Xanthi's smile lifts my.

Xanthi's smile lifts myheart.Xanth puts all the pretties together on a dainty rose painted dish and arranges them so the fairies can easily see everything she has given them to make more dresses.

My little Xanthi is so precious.  She asked me if we could look through my sewing box to get some other things for the fairies(check the post I submitted just recently about gathering flowers for the fairies to make dresses)because she loves them and she wants them to have lots of pretty dresses too. She got really excited though when she found some soft pink tulle in the box. Her eyes really lit up!! That is when she changed her mind about the winter clothes and it became a hunt to find lovely bits and pieces, like pretty ribbons, shiny,sparkly beads, little colourful buttons  and delicate white lace, so the fairy folk could have a wedding all of their own in the magical fairy garden. So that’s what we did and she talked non-stop about the wedding the whole time, she was very selective though, only the best and the prettiest things went on that dish. So if you happen to see some well dressed fairies in your garden you will know where they have come from and what they are doing…especially if you catch a glimpse of the bride in all her wedding refinery, her lace dress tied up with ribbons and her tulle veil held being snuggly in place in her long curly hair with shiny beads. Maybe the happily married, Mr and Mrs Fairy, might send Xanthi a post card from where they are having a fun time on their fairy sweet honey moon.

I love these extra special moments with you Xanthi, you make me a happy Granny!! I love you!! xx
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  1. Paula permalink
    June 20, 2009 7:37 pm

    Hey Sal I love reading your posts about these moments. These are the things that she will remember about you when she grows up. I know, it’s what i remember about my Grandma.

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