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…think pink, think pink!!!!

August 12, 2009

  august08 063So everyone knows how much I love ‘pink’ don’t they??

 Well, one of my beautiful daughters, Melissa, who is only 8 weeks from giving birth, has just found out she is having another sweet little girl. A bundle of pink!! She will be my 4th granddaughter and I am so excited…like dancing in circles excited and singing loud (very loud) “another little gir-l, another little gir-l, another little gir-l for me to cud-dle and kiss, another little gir-l, another little gir-l, oh what bliss!!” that type of excited!! Don’t get me wrong though, a little bundle of blue, would have been just as exciting. Melissa has 2 little girls, Athanna (5) and Akiah (3), and Caree has 1 little girl, Xanthi-Anne (5), and they are gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!!! and I have no doubt this little girl will be gorgeous too and as beautiful as her sisters and her cousin…and she will certainly be loved. We are all waiting now for the next 8 weeks to pass so we get to hold this little angel in our arms and tell her we love her and kiss her soft skin for the very first time. 

There is nothing quite so thrilling as holding your new grandchild in your arms for the very first time, looking into their tiny innocent face, that is the moment your heart is locked with theirs, forever and ever. 

Being a Granny is so different to being a mum, I don’t know why it is, it just is!! And I love it!

 I thank God for these darling children, He grants me these precious joys of sweetness and I am truly thankful for His blessings.

 He is a God of love.

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