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some of my favourite things…

August 20, 2009

some of my favourite things 007


Hi everyone!!  Today I have had a little play on my computer. Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not too bright in the computer world…lol!! I was a little tired of the look of my blog so I decided to change it. Yep, so that is easy enough, isn’t it?,  mmm so one would think,  but oh no, because I have a huge passion for pink and shabby chic, I soon discovered that I didn’t have too much to choose from that really said ‘me’!!! So as I am wandering through, previewing some of the ones I thought I may like, I see this little word ‘customise’, and the light went on in my brain, a little dim maybe, but none the less it did go on!!! lol lol So I clicked on that magic key and hey presto, there it was!!! I could do my own thing and in any colour!! WOW!!! Then I gathered up some of my favourite things, the things that make me ‘me’, lay them on some material that is showered in pink roses and rosebuds (stunning) and then I photographed my pretty collection, uploaded it where it told me to, cropped the image exactly where I wanted it and changed the colouring of the text. Whoo hoo!!! So now I have a header on my blog that illustrates a little bit of the real me, and I did it all by myself!! Quite chuffed I am!!! oooh yes and before I go…that  little girl in the photograph, holding the long stems of poppies, is me when I was about 18 months old (my granddaughters think it is a photo of Akiah, she looks just like I did at the same age) and that is my baby bracelet gently sitting on the top edge of the frame. I guess my affinity with poppies started at a very early age, the look and feel of the crinkled crepe paper still draws my attention today, I still have to touch the paintbox coloured petals and their perfume is such a soft sweetness, just delicious. So there you have it, a tiny glimpse of me and some of my favourite things! X

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  1. misstreez permalink
    September 2, 2009 9:08 pm

    I’ve missed out on reading blogs lately and I can see I’ve missed a lot by not coming here. Looks like you’ve been busy and well done missy on the whole customizing of your blog. Your cards are great as usual. But of all the cards you do, when you make a pink card it really turns out something special. You really do have some kind of strange affinity with that colour. Dare I say a pink passion?

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