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…guess whoo loves you??

September 5, 2009


This week I decided to splurge out and buy some Prismacolor markers, they are very similar to Copic markers, both in price and usage. I have had some great fun colouring in various stamps and learning how they work. It will take me a while to become a pro at blending and shading, to get to the high standard of so many talented people I know who use Copics in their card making. Colouring in has always been a passion of mine, I remember as a little girl soaking in the smell of a brand new box of colour pencils and on wet days when we could not go outside to play, my Dad use to tell us to sit at the dining table and he would come back with his elaborate box of ‘very expensive’ colour pencils. Ooooh that box, it had so many colours, it was so hard to choose which one to use first. He would sit and colour with us (me and my 2 sisters) for ages. His passion was to teach us to draw a proper tree, I wonder if he ever got frustrated with our very limited knowledge of the structure of a gum tree. He always seemed so patient with us, and I still can’t draw one!! Low and behold just recently I came into my craft room to see him sitting at the desk, with 2 little girls enthralled at his talent, yep, you guessed it, he was teaching my granddaughters how to draw the infamous gum tree. They have kept it safe in their craft cupboard, they often get it out and are always amazed that Papa Micky really did draw that tree all by ‘his-self’!! So now that I have some new markers to play with, when I can’t sleep at night I can colour in to my heart’s content, and darling Hubby can sleep peacefully, blissfully unaware that I am even out of bed. Now I cannot wait to get my Copic markers too, boy then won’t I have a fab o time colouring in. It may pay not to stand still for too long in my presence, you may end up coloured in!!! lol lol So today these cute little owls got the Prismacolor treatment, aren’t they pretty? I used a circle punch to cut a window in the card so that when the card is opened up the one little owl is sitting inside. The photo doesn’t really do the card much justice, it is quite stunning in real life. I have made this one for my Dad, to celebrate Fathers’ Day tomorrow, he is a hero to me, a darling old man that I love to bits! Maybe I should have coloured him a tree!!!! lol Happy Fathers’ Day tomorrow to all the Dads!! xowl card 002

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