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my darling old dad…

September 6, 2009

Today my Dad and I celebrated his 50th Father’s Day. As I sat on his lap for this photo today he laughed and I said to him, ” I bet I was sitting on your lap your very first Father’s Day too!” He just can’t believe how fast the years have gone by, but as I looked around the garden today, it was obvious they have been a busy 50 years. I have grown up, I fell in love and married the most wonderful man, and we have had 4 beautiful children of our own, all of them adults now in relationships too, and to date we have 3 pretty little granddaughters soon to be 4, (the next little treasure will be here in our arms, by the end of this month.) I am so excited!!  My sister Julie and her hubby and one of their boys,  joined my hubby and myself and our ever growing family for a family lunch in our garden, on a glorious spring day, to celebrate this dear old man, the head of our family. We all had a beautiful time…

      Beautiful memories tell our story, and wrap themselves in ribbons of the heart. ~Flavia


I love you Dad… you are my hero! xxfathers day 2009 013

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