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happy birthday Leonie…

May 29, 2010

I know, I know…. 2 posts in one afternoon! I am probably just as shocked as you!! lol!! Even though I have not been posting anything of late, I have still been making the odd card here and there. I just need to get back into the swing of things and not be so slack!! Anyhow this cutesy little fairy is for one of my bestest girlfriends birthday,( waving waving waving at you Leonie!!!) I had heaps of fun colouring in this darling sitting upon a mushroom. I am very much a fairy fanatic. I enjoy the fantasy and I love it that they live in my garden, and in actual fact, my Miss 4-year-old granddaughter, Akiah Lily Mae, and I were in the garden just recently and we were surprised to find a fairy ring of mushrooms in the grass, they were jewelled in the morning dew, as were the creamy pink rose petals that lay scattered in the centre of the ring. We think there was a Fairy Ball held during the night hours while we slept, Akiah told me she remembered hearing pretty music and little bells tinkling when she woke up during the night, but she wasn’t scared cos she just knew that it was the fairies dancing. So for a little while we sat and talked about the Fairy Ball, we wondered what the colours were of the ball gowns that the fairies wore, and if the gowns were covered in crystals and whether maybe they had little capes, (to keep the fairies warm through the cool night), made of the softest softest baby bird feathers , we wondered if they wore beautiful beaded dancing slippers, like the ones the pixies make in story books, we wondered if they had tiny stars twinkling in their long flowing curls, and we wondered, did they sneak into my bathroom to borrow my pink lipstick, or did they make their own by gathering pink rose petals …because roses smell so so so so so pretty!! and with their magic turn them into the perfect shade of pink, to match every single pink dress, and if their dresses weren’t pink then, well, they just had to have  pink cos they didn’t make any other colours, cos they only used pink and she pointed to the creamy pink rose petals that had been gathered and were still lying in the fairy ring and said “See Granny, that’s for making their lipstick, they probably will come back and make some more tonight.” and I knew what was coming next…”Can I have another sleep over??????  p – l – e – a – s – e  Granny? or the fairies will be sad!!! That kid I tell you, she is so adorable and so cute and we dare not make the fairies sad in case they don’t ever come back into my garden, because then I would be sad. I love these perfect moments with my granddaughters.

Such joy, surely, is magic in the hearts of us who will forever believe. I wish you all some magic!

and I wish you a very Happy Happy Birthday Leonie with a sprinkle of magic of course!!

love Sally xx 

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